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How To Create Easy Video Montages For Your Family

Most of the time, we record family videos on our cellphones just to view them a few times, and then it’s lost in the memory of the SD card. It’s best to make a movie out of your images and videos, with amusing components and good transitions, so that you can save your most cherished moments. You’ll always be able to see this movie with your family and friends since it’s so popular.

To help you put together the ultimate family video montage, we’ve compiled a list of inspirations. A company owner or blogger may find these suggestions helpful when creating videos for their blog or social media accounts.

  • Begin by creating a new video and selecting your photos

You may start by selecting your images from your gallery. After selecting the desired photos and videos, you may begin making the video montage. In a general software designed to lineup, create, and trim video, you can select ‘create a new video,’ and you may begin with a completely new project.

After that, you’ll want to start with a template or pick “Start with an empty video” to get things started. Your video and images will be uploaded to the video creator (if it’s online), where you can begin creating your blockbuster montage.

Shooting video using a smartphone or a camera that produces better-quality output is one of several alternatives open to you. You may begin the movie-making process after saving the recordings to your computer.

  • Make the photographs in order.

An excellent video montage creator allows transition between photos or movies in a short amount of time. This implies that you’ll need a large number of them. Prepare your montage photographs or videos by putting them in a convenient location, easy to reach. Choose the ‘Add scene or Add frame’ option in a timeline, and then browse your computer’s hard drive for photographs and movies to use.

  • Cut, cut, and more cuts

The duration of the scenes is critical to the success of a montage. Scenes should be brief, lasting little more than two to three seconds. Make use of an online video trimmer to smoothly cut the unnecessary parts of the video to make it look aesthetic and grab the audience’s attention. If you’re doing an image montage then make it even shorter. To create this effect, you should give the audience the impression that there is just enough time for them to take in the scene before it cuts to another. This generates a sensation of excitement, rapidity, and great energy in the audience.

  • Add some music to liven things up.

All excellent montages need a piece of rousing music to accompany them. By clicking on the music note icon in the timeline (on default MAC/ Windows/ online software), you may add more beats. Alternatively, you may submit your royalty-free music by clicking on the ‘Upload’ option and choosing your song from your computer’s hard drive.

  • Save your montage as a video.

That’s all there is to it. When you’re satisfied with your design, click on the download button to save it. Remember that montages may be challenging to master and may need many attempts.

Keep them organised by year and month by creating folders. This makes it easy to see them in the correct order. Adding event identifiers, such as “5th birthday” or “travel to Los Angeles,” to the folder name will help you discover the correct photographs or recordings later.

In addition to local storage, you may also save photos and videos in the cloud using services. The unique features of video-creating software will make this procedure entertaining once you begin. In addition, you’ll learn how to transfer huge video files over the internet.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Better Movies and Montages

Since we’ve been making video montages for so long, we’ve learned a few simple tips and tactics that may make your video clips more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Horizontally record all of your videos.

In contrast to Instagram, most video and movie-making software can handle horizontal videos. Because of this, you should take flat videos that you can later edit into a stunning movie.

Stop and start transitions between videos.

When putting together a single video, use a variety of transitions to connect the numerous clips. When you’re putting together a movie from different points in your vacation, event, or anything else you’re filming, the fade feature offers a smooth transition between footage. Try out several changes to see which ones you like for your movie.

Add a Title and Ending Page

Making a movie clip’s title and closing pages will help it appear better. You may include information about your films, such as their title, the setting, and the cast, on these pages. The start and final pages are automatically included when you configure the fading between video clips in editing software. These pages allow you to add photos and text as you see fit.

During the Beginning and Ending of the Video, the Sound of Fading Music

Use the volume fading option for music at the beginning and finish of your movie to complete it and make it seem more polished and polished. It also serves as an aural cue for the audience to know when the film has begun and ended. Additions like this one may have a significant impact.


Making your first video montage will be a piece of cake with today’s advancements in video editing software. There are a lot of software applications out there that are designed to be user-friendly, with clear lessons and a straightforward layout.

You should now have all the information you need to create your movie, a video compilation, or a family film for your friends and relatives. Family home films may be a lot of fun, but they can also be helpful in various ways. Creating them with care, paying attention to details such as lighting and sound, and using the finest video editing tools for the task may result in true works of art.

The entire family will love viewing the same clip repeatedly, so don’t just leave your recordings on the camera. Do something you like for yourself, and then show it off to your loved ones.


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