My love is made in China no warranty no guarantee (Fake Love)

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Fake Love

“Too much fake love will make you hate to love”

Fake Love is an eternal thing. It connects two souls for the rest of their should care for it as it can be broken easily in this materialistic world. Many people think love is a just physical thing but it’s a natural and emotional connection we have with another person.

fake love

Your romantic life is as important for you as it should be for another person. People today just want to be with someone for a specific time. They are materialistic if they find these things in another person they just left you and go to another person. It’s very important for you to understand what “ meant for each other “ means.

Fake Love, To survive we always need to have a shoulder to cry on and share everything we are going in life but if he is fake and has no interest in you and your hardships than what’s the point of continuing this relationship. Don’t do damage to yourself and leave him before he leaves you. Try to foresee what coming your way in the form of this relationship and avoid it according to your capacity.

Fake Love

People mistakenly believe to have a wonderful connection with that someone and jump into a relationship but you need to think first about everything and how it may affect rest of your life. Choosing the best partner for yourself is your right he is going to be the most important person for rest of life it is going to matter to your heart and soul and will become your destiny for future so he should have some warranty and guarantee Fake Love.

fake love

Just kidding! He should be reliable and trustworthy. To ask a precious thing like trust from a type of person who’s love has no guarantee is a foolish and a terrible decision on your part. People are going to judge you so be wise in your decisions and think again if you need him in your life or not.

You can do good alone too one should not ever depend on someone else for its happiness. He has no right to make you sad and annoy you with his foolish ways and tactics better get rid of him when the time is right before you ruin yourself. I will say if you are willing to continue living this life like that then you have made the worst decision of your life and you are going to regret it soon!

fake love

“Fake love is worse than real hate”    

Fake Love   

Let me explain some points to you to make your relationship better with him:

Number 1: often people just focus on the person’s looks but you need to ignore them for some time and instead focus on his personality.

Number 2: there is this thing called ‘destiny’ believe in it and work hard for it and never settle for anything less. If destiny has decided him for you then calmly talk to him about all the things you think he should have and is lacking in.

Number 3: if you feel an emotional connection with him than never let that person go and if there is no spiritual connection just make it clear to him that you are not satisfied with him.

Number 4: find an excellent and qualified good degree holder with the best job for you so that he will look after you properly and not a dependent person who wants you to work and just stays at home.

fake love

Number 5: look for a person who is competent with your sensory levels not just a foolish person and by chance if you got into a relationship with such a person than try to mold his personality according to your liking.


  • Be strong for yourself
  • You are enough for yourself
  • Be sure about him before going into a relationship
  • If you feel psychological connection with someone that he might be the ONE
  • Don’t lose your mind over the looks be reasonable and go for the brain.

If he is sincere with you in this relationship he will show all the effort to win you back not turn his back on you when you need him most. Fights are common in every relationship so don’t be his heart but if they are mostly started by him that there is something wrong in this relationship he might have lost his interest or maybe he is cheating on you. See their actions, not just the hints go into the matter to know the truth.

Just keep your legs and feet on the ground don’t over exaggerate your love for him he will think you are under his power and might use you. Keep it in your mind there is a hell lot of a difference in the romantic relationship and love relationship. Life partners are something they do together for a lifetime, not just for a sexual component in life. Romance is just sexual interests and it always involves personal needs and ego. There is a clear difference between two try to understand this.

Fake Love has no guarantee

You meet people in life who are supposed to love you and care for you like you for who you are but if they are moody and changed their behavior lot than it will become very difficult for you to continue this relationship. Better think through all the possibilities before establishing a relationship with such a person.

fake love

Fake Love has no warranty

Universe has put you here to live your life according to your freedom and you need love for your existence. Love is not an object it is a supreme force and it affects everyone’s life. If your lover does not fulfill your simple wishes and always want everything according to his liking than don’t waste your time. If he is disrespectful towards you or your family than kick him out you don’t deserve this. Live your life freely you only have ONE. Don’t waste it on worthless fools.

Don’t be upset if you choose wrong people because without choosing them you will not know the value of true people”



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