I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

It Hurts More When People Call Me Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

Yes, it’s a bit annoying when people don’t believe me that I’m single.why?Just because I am single? There are pros and cons of being cute. I’m gonna list down few:

Pro: yes it attracts plenty of attention mainly from males. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

Con: girls hate a cute girl though they don’t say aloud they do.

Pro: yes its an advantage being pretty made people help you in need.

I am Cute And Don't Believe That I Am Single

Con: and when you take that advantage they will always talk bad behind your back.

Pro: being cute makes people admire your beauty.

Con: it can make you uncomfortable when they always admire just your beauty, not your brain.

Pro: other girls will start envy you and they wish to be like you.

I am Cute And Don't Believe That I Am Single

Con: guys will attract based on the looks.

Pro: whatever you wear whichever look you’ll look cute. You won’t have to fight for the attention of others.

Con: you can be targeted or harassed based on your looks.

Pro: can become part of the crowd and stand out.

Con: there can false rumors about you and negative views also.


It’s a universal fact that your beauty will be noticed by everyone and they appreciate it greatly. Guys or girls, they will always notice you and pay special attention. But other girls will feel jealous and they don’t want you to stand out it will be hard for you to find a partner or sincere friend who could appreciate your inner beauty rather than just want to be intimated by you. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

I am Cute And Don't Believe That I Am Single

I am aware and admit it that being cute has a lot of benefits but sometimes it hurt me that when people say that I am cute but they refused to believe that I am single. Why can’t I be both? Single and cute? Let me live, will you? There is a reason for everything and people should know that there are a time and place to say anything. People these days are so blunt they always speak before thinking and become very blunt also. You should believe a person when they told you that they are single why would they lie? Like is there some benefit in it for them? No, for me honesty is everything. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

  1. It feels somewhat superior.

People always give importance to beautiful people who have a charming personality. They wanted to be in good books of these people. It happens with me a lot. It’s like they want to do everything for us. They don’t know that we are perfectly capable of doing it for ourselves, but yeah it is convenient also. They make you feel superior to others but sometimes they overdid it. Sometimes it feels absolutely infantilizing. I appreciate your help but I can do my things by myself. Thank you very much! I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

  1. Apprehensions or other worries are swiftly made to feel cartoonish.

I know I am cute but it makes me super nervous about you calling me names praising my beauty but when you say and joke about me being not single it makes me super annoyed also like why can’t a cute person stay single. Why people assume that I’ll be definitely in a relationship. Don’t speak about what you are not sure about. Other time it happens that I am trying hard to concentrate on some important thing and they hurt me with such comments. I am no clown whom you are making fun of. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

  1. Comparing me TV celebrities.

 I get it. I am cute but no need to compare me with every other celebrity you see on TV. They go to gym and salons and pamper themselves all the time but I don’t. I am a natural beauty. No, my nose doesn’t resemble with anyone. I have a personality of my own. I like my looks and face cut but its unique not like some other person. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

  1. It’s a mental calculation of your character.So what if I had said something funny and being instantly called cute? Why didn’t you said intelligent? Or good-natured? Brilliant? Witty? Or even weird is welcome. It doesn’t always have come down to looks. Please spare me but acknowledge my brain also. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

 I am Cute And Don't Believe That I Am Single

  1. It always wrecks my mood.

It always destroys my mood when I try to be witty and instead called cutely Hearing you’re adorable now irritates me a lot. Animals are cute but humans. I am not snuggly and cuddly like them. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

Maybe my physique is petite so it’s a reminder for people to call me cute. Ok I am on the smart side but it’s my choice. But at the same time saying you are short really put me off. Thank you for telling me what I already don’t know. Thank you, you cleared my imaginations. Saying that being petite I am surely committed is the most selfish thing by the way. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single


  1. You are not taking me seriously.

My friend is a doctor. Once she told me that she was about to give her patient a serious medical procedure and her patient turned towards her and said: “ thanks a lot, you are pretty cute .. do you know that?”  No thank you for informing me. Then she continues by saying “of course you will be committed”. My friend got really angry but ignores and just smile. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single

 I am Cute And Don't Believe That I Am Single

  1. It’s a word for kids.

Cute word is mainly used for kids. It should be only for them.


  1. Not just cute.

I am a lot of other things you just have to know me better and then comment. Not just cute but many other things.


  1. IDs always lie.

Yeah, my id is also just like yours *normal*. When people see my id they instantly ask me oh you look cuter in real. It really irritates me. Yea dude! I know this. By the way, I also secretly fear that when I’ll be 45 and people younger than me will still call me cute. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single


  1. You want to be some other thing.

I like to be called sexy, hot, witty, sensitive and other things. I will appreciate if you consider my feelings and don’t say you are not single just because I am cute. I am single and I have an approach in life. I have goals which I want to achieve. I am Cute And Don’t Believe That I Am Single



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