Water Therapy

Water Therapy, I am sure you all must have heard about the water therapy. Basically, you know that waking up early is very important for a healthy mind and body early morning hours are considered golden hours and you can do a lot in this time before actually starting your day’s routine like you can meditate and exercise and detox your body in this precious time period of your day.

Water Therapy

Always start your day with prayer then squeeze a lemon in warm water and drink it then do exercise yoga or meditation whichever you prefer and trust me on this your day will pass so light and you will be cheerful throughout the day.

Water Therapy

In this way, by waking up early and giving some time to yourself you will be healthy and tone for the rest of your day will be set. Japanese are very health conscious people they suggest us all to include one more healthy habit in our daily routine and that is water therapy which is also known as Japanese water therapy.

Japanese are all known to drink water first thing they wake up and they suggest drinking it on empty stomach.

Water is such a thing which is very good for our health, it is a great source of energy and life for us and it has great value for nations to survive. Every cell in our body needs water to function and most of the organs in our body also need water to function properly, without water we will starve and feel lethargic too. No water no life.

Water Therapy

Scientists are more than willing to work on the effects of water on our body and many types of research have been done so far to make us aware of our body’s need for water.

What is Japanese water therapy?

As water has many natural benefits Japanese suggest drinking water on an empty stomach right after you woke up and enjoy its many health benefits. Although it has no solid proof one can always try it because it has no harm in it water is good we all know so why can’t we drink it to treat our selves. Drink water every day and to start your day by refreshing yourself drink water every morning on empty stomach. It is advisable to drink warm water.

Treatment of diseases

For every disease, Japanese suggest to treat them or to avoid them beforehand one must drink water and it is a very successful treatment there. Japanese medical society also promotes it and they say it treats many illnesses such as:

  1. Headaches
  2. Pains in body
  3. Heart diseases
  4. Joints pain
  5. The problem of heartbeat
  6. Epilepsy can be treated
  7. Weight gain and obesity
  8. A cough
  9. Asthma
  10. Urine infection
  11. Nausea and vomiting
  12. Gas problems
  13. Diarrhea and constipation
  14. Piles
  15. Diabetes
  16. Eye infections
  17. Periods problem in women

Water Therapy

Steps to follow for water therapy

These are the correct steps one needs to follow to gain maximum benefits for water therapy:

Step one: when you wake up early in the morning drink 22 ounces or 4 glasses of water but it must be warm water not cold it should be taken before doing anything else.

Step two: when you finish last glass of water get up and go to the washroom and brush your teeth after that wait for 45 minutes and don’t drink anything during this time period.

Step three: after 45 minutes passed start your normal routine and eat and drink as you like.

Last step: when you eat or take a snack for two hours before water therapy doesn’t drink anything.

If you can’t immediately drink 22 ounces try with less quantity and gradually increase your intake. After water therapy drinks and eats as normal throughout your day.

If you are too old or sick don’t follow this therapy you can drink by starting to take 22 ounces in daily routine.

Water has many healing powers it can heal anything but one should take it under the supervision of some expert. It’s very good for dehydration and curing chronic illnesses. Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages and enjoy drinking water!


If you have kidneys problem ask your doctor first before starting this therapy.

Japanese has made this routine of their life and we all see how healthy they are and how long they live. In China and Japan, people prefer to drink hot water with their meals instead of cold water. And we see how fit they are even in old age too. It’s time we should follow their steps. Japanese believe that their drinks must neither be too hot nor too cold as it may cause many diseases.

Should we follow or ignore them?

Japanese are mostly the oldest people on the earth they can survive for more than 100 years of life while other countries people hardly cross 70 years this is all because they drink hot water and this is considered as a healthy habit around the globe. If you want long life to follow Japanese and Chinese, their eating and drinking habits are very healthy.

Water Therapy

This type of water therapy also exists in Ayurveda and it has been in use since ages. This water therapy is not only famous in Japan but many countries of the world and people are now becoming aware of this benefits and started following it. Our body has 70% water in it and when its amount decreases we face many health issues. Our organs fail to function and we become ill.

But one must remember not overdo it and drinking more water in short period of time is also not very good for the health ad it can be a cause of fatal water poisoning. It can exceed its limit due to many conditions like age, weight, climate, and fitness of a person.

Water Therapy,  Too much of anything is bad and you cant have anything good from it. So be careful when you choose to follow this therapy as it also has some disadvantages.

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Ingrid · August 14, 2018 at 11:07 am

it’s not good to do yoga with your stomach full of water. Wouldn’t it be better to do yoga BEFORE drinking the water? Why is it so important to do it immediately?

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