Boyfriend Vs Husband

What is a boyfriend ?yes he is your best mate, he is a partner in crime, comforter in different situations, he is your cheerleader and a big-time motivator. He encourages you to accomplish your dreams, he is your best friend.

But that’s it nothing more he can’t be a lover so please don’t give him extra privileges that are only associated with your partner don’t mislead him thinking otherwise. He has a title of boyfriend let him be that. Boyfriend Husband

Yes, life is better with true friends but they are just friends, not a lover.

Boyfriend vs Husband

Definitely, you can give him kisses, hugs, you support him, give him attention and all the affection as he is giving you his and yes more appreciation but beyond that everything else is too much for you and for him also. You are each others girlfriend and boyfriend nothing more than that so should keep your relationships within the limits.

Your only concern is to spend quality time with each other and enjoy each others company learning new things by time and experience life by laughing together. Make a lot of good memories with each other.

Boyfriend vs Husband

Sorry, but he is not responsible for providing for you that is your own concern. It’s not his responsibility to choose you over anything else in his life you should understand that he has his own life outside your friendship.It’s a good thing you guys give priority to each other but you should spend some time with your families and other friends to its very important for healthy relationships. No he shouldn’t be allowed to live with you yet – surely you want some alone time *you-time* and you don’t  wanna miss meeting your girlfriends. No way never present all of you to him he shouldn’t be that privileged just yet. Boyfriend Husband

Boyfriend vs Husband

Why the use of word yet again and again. Because you need to realize its importance girl.

So let us describe some qualities of good boyfriends:

  • He should make you smile. Cannot, in any case, make you sad and angry. Has all the heart to help you if you ask. Boyfriend Husband
  • He should hold your bags, open doors for you, and of course, tell you that how beautiful you are:)
  • Calling you nice cute names, jokes with you.
  • Listens to your problems and sorrows and present you with solutions also.
  • Ignores all your flaws, avoid sarcasm.
  • Feels really glad that you are part of their life. Boyfriend Husband
  • Feels lucky to have your friendship
  • Genuinely want you to get best in life.
  • Always be there for you through thick and thin
  • Morally and emotionally supports you. Try to give small sacrifices for you.

Boyfriend vs HusbandNote that you should also possess all the above qualities. Boyfriend vs Husband

But remember after all that he is still your boyfriend. But as he has these qualities he has the potential to become your future husband. But he just has to reach that potential and that’s very important for your secure future.Although he is capable he has to provide for you and your future children. You should be his number one priority. He is to be settled in life and earn handsome amount because you guys have to build a home. Love is very much important. He should love you unconditionally and in return, you love him equally. He will be your center of attention forever and you will make beautiful companion and love him and shower all the hugs and kisses.

If you want to know what he is like just take a good look how is he treating his inferiors, not his equals. Boyfriend vs Husband

Stop Praising Boyfriends

They say stop praising your boyfriends too much wait for the time when a handsome man worthy of your love will walk into your life and in actual walk YOU down the aisle. Until that time all other men are just giving auditions. don’t you dare give benefits of a husband to your boyfriend. You should be well aware of the difference between dating and marriage. Not every tom dick and harry should say they had you.

Boyfriend vs Husband

Being A Wife To Boyfriend

Being a wife to your boyfriend does not guarantee marriage so girls think twice now before its late. It doesn’t matter how committed and unwavering your boyfriend’s promises of love are to you until you are his wife, he doesn’t get husband privileges. Boyfriend vs Husband

Just Wait For The Right Time

There 2 types of waiting: there’s waiting you do for something you know is coming to you in future and then there is waiting for the thing you want but have no high hopes of it. You imagine it and living your life for it so please be reasonable and don’t waste time and wait for the right time. Boyfriend vs Husband

Boyfriend Husband

Not only you, he should also feel privileged to be with you. Try to do something special for him like cooking his favorite meal etc. all of your passion is just reserved for him he is entitled to have all the unique gifts you hold within you. He should feel special. He should look forward to meeting you daily. Both of you should look forward to doing something new for each other because he is right now just your boyfriend. He should not get husband privileges but you can make exceptions sometimes.  Boyfriend vs Husband

Boyfriend vs Husband

Also please don’t give your boyfriend things that are only intended for your future husband alone. Be patient. Be pure. Trust God. Do things His way.

A man has done nothing for you unless he has made you his wife so stop idolizing boyfriends.

“ we accept the love we think we deserve.” Boyfriend vs Husband

Just don’t fall in love with the idea of a person it may lead to loveless relation further in life. Don’t twist which has no chance. If its real love, he will pursue you to get married to him. Don’t be afraid to let go of him and always stay in reality. Boyfriend vs Husband

Boyfriends do not get husband privileges. THE END.


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