Phobia of Heights


Phobia of Heights, It’s not normal if you face issues with height, what you felt and intensity also counts. If you feel dizzy and you have fear in your heart that you might fell of the place than yes you are suffering from height phobia.

Phobia of Heights


Normally every one of us feels this when we first reach the heights but with the passage of time this feeling disappears and we feel good and braver and enjoy it, but if a person is seriously facing phobia than with time his condition will become worst Phobia of Heights.

He will want to leave that place immediately. He will look for the support and if he doesn’t find any that may be with fear he will faint.

If you have faced butterflies in your stomach when you stand at heights and look down from there than you are suffering from acrophobia which fear of heights it is a quite common condition you don’t have to worry about much with few tips and suggestion you can easily overcome it.

“Overcome fear with positive thinking.”


Acrophobia in Phobia of Heights

In Greek terminology, acron means heights and Phobos mean fear. It can affect up to 1 out of every 20 people. Some have it in mild condition other is severe. Some people can’t even enjoy fun rides due to fear of heights such as no sitting on a roller coaster and Ferris wheels.

Some people have such extreme phobia that they can’t even drive over the bridges but its very rare. On has to face heights every day you just can’t avoid it, even the houses are a double story if you feel fear in elevator rides on balcony’s and tall buildings you seriously needs counseling and good advice to deal with your situation.

Suffering from Height Phobia

It can affect people of any age it doesn’t matter how young or old you are symptoms can be same for everyone. Some face situation where they sweat like crazy when they see down from a height.

When you have height phobia you become shy and you don’t want others to know about it because you feel somewhere in your heart that people will think childish of you they will be like wow this 6 Phobia of Heights

foot person is acrophobic, you keep it yourself and try to avoid situations where you have to go to heights.


Fear and anxiety in Phobia of Heights

You need to control your fear and anxiety and if you think you can’t overcome it on your own than consult a therapist. He will help you deal with the situations effectively and soon you will start gaining back your lost confidence.


There can be many symptoms of acrophobia here I have listed down few of them for you:

  • There are physical symptoms where you become breathless, there is this dizziness in your head it becomes cloudy suddenly, you feel light-headed, feeling of vertigo hits you hard, you start sweating excessively, and there will be cramps, headaches, and nausea. The tension in your body increased to a height where you feel you are going to die then and there.
  • Psychological symptoms include sudden panic attack, anxiety peaking slowly and your fear builds up.
  • Even if you stand on a chair or table you feel these symptoms and in some cases, I have seen people fell off of chair too just because of fear of height.
  • Everyone has it but it shouldn’t be to an extent where you just can’t function properly on daily basis. Panic starts and you become useless.

Tips for overcoming your phobia

If the symptoms are mild then you can go for these tips. Try following them you will feel an increase in your confidence and less fear of heights.

  • Prepare yourself first – firstly you need to keep in your mind that it is not dangerous and it will not be going to kill you. Most places have safety walls and doors and safety overall so you are not in any danger of falling off of a building or elevators. If you know that it is must to deal with heights than why I am suffering uselessly. I have you work here and there is no other solution so bear with it and gradually overcome your fear. At least give it a start.
  • Slow movement – slow and steady always wins so be easy on yourself don’t rush just go slow and increase your movements slowly. There is this flooding technique which helps greatly to treat phobia in people, in which an if person is afraid of something like water they would get thrown into deep pools when they face this they will either face this fear or being drown and swim for life or they give up and drown. This is not helpful in any way so avoid it. go slow face your fear slowly no need of extreme sports. People has this nature that at some point in life they confront their fear and overcome it so give yourself some time just start it and rest will fall into place.
  • Breathing – don’t forget to breathe deeply, it’s a quite effective technique where you start deep breathing when face fear and it cool down your body it is like yoga where you also practice with breathing and it calms you down. Its common people often forget to breathe resulting in choking and making their symptoms worst. Focus on your breathing in these type of situations, keep yourself in your senses and calm down try to divert your mind from what is at your front talk with your partner who is there with you indulge in some activity and soon you will forget about height.
  • Prepare your mind – sit on some comfortable place and think about some other things. Close your eyes and visualize some other scenarios. Feel like you are in some other place enjoying and having fun than slowly open your eyes and focus on the present.
Phobia of Heights

Phobia of Heights

These tips are for the mild type of phobia. If you are facing extreme issues try to go a to therapist he will help you in your case.


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