You are the best Wife


You are the best Wife, There are only two relations in this materialistic world that are sincere towards you and what are your parents and your spouse. Parents are God gifted whereas you can choose your partner based on your choices and comfort level with her.

You are the best Wife

One can choose his best friends according to the mutual habits and differences too and same goes for your partner you always want to have someone who is compatible with you and whose thinking is just like yours so that your life remains peaceful and joyful.

These two relations required love, sincerity, trust and mutual thinking. Without these your relation is baseless and useless it will be a headache for you and for her too. If both of you are young energetic and beautiful earning handsome amount of money but there are too many differences between you and your thinking is very different from each other this relation is hopeless for you, you are wasting your time and energy on the wrong person.

You are the best Wife

When you choose your spouse make sure she understands you and if she is your friend than it is excellent for you both. When we want to make friends with someone we think and rethink many things about them but unfortunately, when we have to choose our partner we just feel attraction to opposite sex and ignore all the other options, this is the main reason behind increasing number of separations and divorces.

What is our fault?

We just got attracts to looks and after sometimes got bored with them resulting in separations. People are unaware of the main psychology of marriage; they just got married to anyone without thinking and later regrets. Marriage is to spend quality time with someone who has same tastes and likes like yours.

You are the best Wife

You need to evaluate yourself first and then go for the marriage. When you know what you like and what you dislike you will automatically look for the same person and your married life will be a successful one. If you want your marriage to last longer look for your type of person, give her your time, she needs your strength and you will see her bloom in your company.

Why is she marrying you?

Keep this one thing in mind your wife has not married you to give birth to your children, I understand she is the one who has to take care of the kids but it’s just not only her responsibility to do so. She has not come into your home to do the chores and take care of your mess.

She is the one whose support you need the most. She has come into your life to walk beside you in every phase of your life. She is not your servant she is equal to you. She doesn’t have to get your permission to do things she likes.

If she needs anything she has the right to buy it for her from her choice. If she is willing to do the job and excel in her career she has every bit of right to do so. Look if you don’t like someone to restrict you from something why you want to do that to her then?

Everyone has the right to live their life according to their choice. She is not your cook, she wants to live with you and live a happy life too. You need to make her life colorful with your presence just like she is doing for you.

You are the best Wife

Importance of happy wife

Humans have many friends but his best friend should be his wife because he is going to spend most of his time with her. Remember your behavior with her motivates her to behave in the same manner with you. Spend a good time with her laugh with her.

Take her to shopping or to places of her interest. Plan your future with her and you will see amazing results you will see her smile and take more interest in your things and care for you more what else you want than a happy wife as it is a famous saying:

“Happy wife, happy life

When you keep her satisfied and happy she will make your life paradise.

 Make her your best friend

Friendship is the base of every relationship and you can make your wife your best friend by following some simple tips. Here are the tips for you:

  • Communicate with her listen to her problems and whatever she wants to share with you and also tell her about your problems.
  • Listening is very important in any relation to listen to each other discus your daily routine and give feedback.
  • You need to be honest, loyal and trustworthy towards her these are very important to work any relationship.
  • Use your body language to express your interest in her too and also have a kind tone of voice with her.

You are the best Wife

  • You do compromise and adjust according to her and she will do wonders for you.
  • Sacrifice your time and other interests for her once a while.
  • Treat her as your equal.
  • Make her feel special by doing things for her and celebrating events with her. Women always love it when you make them feel special on their birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Respect her and her views and give her importance.

“It’s not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”

Friendship is a garden so make sure your garden is the greener and full of flowers. I know above wordings may sound to you impossible or angelic but they are necessary for the healthy relationship.

You are the best Wife

One advice for you is married your best friend someone who knows you very well and you know them too that why life will be easy for you. Don’t get frustrated if you are facing difficulty in working out your relationship with your wife give it time and your consideration and eventually you will come out of that phase. Not a single person is perfect so respect and accepts each other. You are the best Wife.



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