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Meaning of right hand itching and its relation to money. The right hand itch superstition and lottery luck!

Have your mama and your mama’s mama told you that your right hand itching means you’re going to make some money?

Maybe you’ve heard about the superstition that right hand itching means you’ll win the lottery, and you’re wondering if it’s worth giving up $5 to try your luck. So, what’s the big deal? Is your right hand itching for lottery luck?

Walking under a ladder is not a good idea. Inside, don’t open an umbrella. If you break a mirror, you will be cursed for seven years.

Have you ever “touched wood” to ward off ill fortune? That similar assumption holds true for the belief that your right hand itching has some significance for your future. Some people believe that having an itching hand signifies you’re going to get rich – which I’m sure we’d all agree would be fantastic!

Continue reading to learn more about what an itching right palm could mean – and what you can do to take advantage of some of the benefits that may be on the way.

Perhaps you’ve heard that an itchy right palm portends good fortune, such as a job promotion, a check mailed to your house, or a sum of money deposited into your bank account.

So don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Let’s dig deeper into the right hand itching superstition and what it means for your money!


The Roots of the Superstition of the Itching Right Hand

What is the origin of the superstition of the itching right hand? While it has been passed down through the ages, we don’t know who initiated the tradition.

The reason for this is that in ancient times, people thought that they needed to find answers for what was occurring to them. Some of this was based solely on observation and chance.

Four housewives may have swept their homes after 6 p.m. one night in the year 1786 and then encountered financial difficulties the following week. Isn’t it evident that after 6 you’re “sweeping out the riches from your home” when you’re doing the sweeping?

This is presumably how the superstition of the itching right hand got its start. When five persons reported itchy hands a few days apart, three of them were promoted at work, two were given a half-price discount at the butcher’s, and one found a penny by the side of the road, perhaps centuries ago. I’m just saying… I think here is where it all began.

In all seriousness, the Saxons and Celts are credited with first establishing the link between an itchy right palm and money many centuries ago. We now have the one we know and love as a result of their united ideals.

A itching right palm was considered a sign of good fortune, but it was also a warning sign. Scratching the itch would mean destroying your good fortune!

How do you interpret an itch on the right side of your hands?

In order to exclude the possibility that your right hand itch is caused by something serious, you need first rule out a medical condition. If you have eczema or dry skin, your itchy right palm may require treatment rather than a lotto ticket!!

The itch on your right palm may be a sign of good fortune, if you are convinced that it is not caused by a medical problem or that you have not been probing your way around any poison ivy recently.

A lottery ticket or a raffle entry at work can increase your odds of winning, but there’s no way to predict when or how your good fortune will arrive.

It’s not usually a good sign if your right palm is itchy. It may also be a promotion at work, a free $10 from Swagbucks, or even $5 in your back pocket!

If you believe in the “right hand itching superstition,” know that scratching the itch signifies that you’re scrubbing away good fortune! Instead, use a piece of wood to massage your hand. The elders were of the opinion that doing so would bring you money (and, who knows, might even relieve your want to itch!).

In spite of this superstition being passed down from generation to generation, I wouldn’t make any important financial decisions based just on this one fact alone.

Do you think your Left Hand Itching is a sign of good luck in the Lottery?

When her left hand started itching, a 73-year-old grandma won a stunning $64 million in the Powerball drawing! As soon as she felt an itch, she leapt off the bus and took a chance on her own.

It certainly makes you wonder if good luck comes from an itching right hand or a left hand.

What I’ve discovered is that it truly does depend on the individual! If you scratch your right hand, you’ll receive money, and if you scratch your left hand, you’ll be out of cash. This is the widespread belief, although it’s only true for some people.

Others may experience the polar opposite, with money coming in when their left hand itches and money going out when their right hand itches.

In fact, some cultures consider an irritable left palm to be auspicious. Just spit in your left palm and rub it on your hip whenever the itchiness arises, and you’ll preserve your good fortune. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?! Rub it on a piece of wood, I guess. Then there’s you.

To help you determine which hand signifies what, pay attention the next time that itch strikes and keep a record of what follows. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know which hand is your lucky one!

Try your luck at the lottery once you know which hand gives you luck. Who knows? Your name could be on that list!

However, this should only be done in moderation. If your “itchy hands” occur frequently, you may need to see a doctor, not buy another lotto ticket!

Itching on the right hand indicates

The significance of an itchy palm on your right hand is traditionally beneficial. That is, it could indicate that you are about to receive money, that you are about to make a new friend or see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or that you are about to receive news or a letter.

This is why many people prefer to hand out cash with their right hand in the case of money-related beliefs. It’s assumed that this means the money will be returned to them in some way, or that the money they’re handing over represents an investment.

Some people believe it has anything to do with a new or old buddy. This could be due to the fact that most of us shake hands with our right hands, which is perceived to indicate a social relationship. Because of this, itching in your right hand could indicate that you’re about to shake the hand of someone who is positive in your life.
When a person’s right hand itches, it means money is on the way.

Finally, it’s not because your phone is ready to buzz with a breaking news alert that your itchy right palm could signify you’re getting some news. Instead, it could be due to the fact that most individuals are right-handed, therefore the hand you use to receive a letter is likely to be your dominant hand.


When your right hand is itchy, it’s worth noting that the book Italian Folk Magic offers one unfavourable example. According to this book, itching on the right hand can indicate that you’re about to beat someone up — and win. So good luck in your next bar brawl using that as a reason.

What is the significance of itchiness on the lottery?

Taking a chance on your itchy palms is a gamble, and you don’t know what the winning numbers will be. Every lottery and game of chance has its own set of rules and procedures.

Some people, however, believe that lucky numbers are linked to their daily experiences. What does an itchy right hand have to do with the lottery? That is a reasonable question to ask yourself if you are one of these people.

Hand itching’s lucky numbers are 333 and 353, according to one lottery book. There are 894 and 194 instances of right hand itching, 636 and 437 of left hand itching, and 371 and 616 of general itchy hands.

Isn’t there a pattern developing here? Your odds of winning the lottery aren’t improved in any way by picking the “correct” number. You’ll get various results from different books.

Your best bet, in all honesty, is to go with your gut and follow your instincts. Granny from the bus, on the other hand, won $64 million by picking numbers based on the birthdays of her relatives’ family members!

Is scratching your right hand a sign of good luck in the lottery?

There are several accounts of persons who developed an itching in their right hand after winning the lotto.

After all three of her daughters told her they had itchy hands, one mom in Baltimore bought a lottery ticket. She discovered she had won $50,000 after scratching it.

Another lotto winner in Michigan attributed his prize to his itchy hand. He bought a lottery ticket after it wouldn’t stop itching for a few days — and won $250,000.

In the Euromillions lottery, this woman from the United Kingdom earned almost £16.7 million (US$23.7 million).

The most incredible triumph came from a woman in Brooklyn who was on a bus when her palm began to itch. She jumped off the bus and bought a lotto ticket right away… and won a whopping $64 million in the process.

These are all remarkable tales, to say the least. But can you really know that if your right hand itches, it means you’re about to win the lottery?

In the case of the woman from the United Kingdom, she stated in her interview that she had an itching right hand before to winning. Is this a closed case?
person with a scratch ticket, unsure if their right hand is longing for lotto luck

At the same time, it’s worth noting that in the first two cases, they didn’t specify which hand was itching at the time they purchased their tickets. And it was her left hand, not her right, that was itching in the third occurrence.

(We should definitely also take into account the thousands of people who had itchy palms and bought lottery tickets but didn’t win.)

It’s ultimately up to you. It’s possible that it’s just a pleasant coincidence. Alternatively, the answer to what does it mean when your right palm itches could be that you’re about to get millions of cash.

That would certainly be nice! I just wouldn’t advise running out and spending your life savings on lottery tickets the instant your right hand starts to itch as a wonderful way to become wealthy overnight.

Other Superstitions Concerning Money

Besides the money superstitions that have been passed down to me, there are a slew of others that I’ve learnt about throughout my life. Have you ever heard of any of the following, or any other similar ones?

1. Putting your purse on the floor

It is possible that placing your luggage on the floor could bring you bad luck and cause you to lose money. In addition, the floor is simply too dirty to put something that will be touched on a regular basis there.

2. A penny dropped on the ground

A penny on the floor that is found face up is considered lucky, while a penny found face down is considered unlucky. Depending on your cultural background, the opposite may be true.

3. Bird poop is considered lucky.

What is the source of this fortunate fortune? I’m not sure… However, other people believe that a bird pooping on you is a sign of good fortune and that you will receive money. I believe I will be content to decline that invitation.

Itchy Palms | Final Thoughts

While reading about such things is always entertaining, it is a topic that I never miss. To be honest, I enjoy reading and discussing such topics.

However –

In reality, these beliefs are incorrect, and one should focus solely on Karma, as stated in the Gita. You can only do Karma (action), and the outcome is in God’s hands, which means it is out of your control; thus, do a better job and leave it to God.

Miracles do happen, but if itching on the correct palm or hand brought you money or luck today, it won’t happen every time; next time, it’ll be entirely up to you. You should put more faith in your work and less in luck.

Check if itching on your left hand caused you to lose money today. Was it a one-time loss or a recurring expense? There’s no harm in taking measures; if there’s a gap somewhere, close it; do you have any bad habits? Leave it alone. If everything appears to be in order, keep in mind – Karma.

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