Advantages and Disadvantages of hiding your relationship with the mother.

We all get involved in a relationship in our life. Some get it in early ages and some get in mature ages. But we all get involved in a relationship. In an early stage in the relationship, we hide it with everyone till it gets stronger. The first person you hide it with your mother and the first person we share these feelings is the mother as well. She plays the important role in it.

We hide with it our mother because we feel insecure that we might have to quit this relationship. As time passes and our relationship gets stronger the first person is our mother that we share this relationship.

In order to have success in this situation, we have to follow the simple steps so that our relationship will not get ruined.

Hiding Relationship With Mother.

It depends on the relationship of your mother and you, how close are you with your mother. If you hide the relationship for a time being its fine, but We will be needing assistance for cope that relationship to become happy with it. She will help you in every aspect of it. But instant it all depends on how close are we with our mother. If we hide that thing with mother and suddenly we disclose it with her she will not get agree with it because we had not taken her in confidence since the beginning. So we must give some kind of hint to her that you are in a relationship.

Hiding Relationship With Mother

Always take assistance with your mother.

Once we shared it with our mother you can get all the best advice from her because she has already gone through this phase that you are passing now. Follow her instruction and it will be better for you in our life. She will teach you what is good and what is bad in a relationship.

Never give priority to friends instead of Mother.

We already have many friends in our life whom we can trust and share the important things with them. But for a related matter, we have to give priority to mother advice. Friends might give you the wrong advice as per their feelings but the mother never gives false advice she will let you know what is good and bad for you.

Mother shows more loyalty. Hiding Relationship With Mother.

Mother shows more loyalty than our friends or mate. Mother will listen to you in every stage of life and always ready to help you out but friends they sometimes get bored for the old relationship topics, and they sometimes take their step back or start ignoring you.

Hiding Relationship With Mother

Mother bring your relationship on top.

If we already discussed our relationship with our mother she is the one who will take the daddy in confidence regarding this relationship. Because our Father will give priority to our mother rather than us. If our mother is happy with it the daddy won’t be having any problem in it.

Mother loves us than our relationship Hiding Relationship With Mother.

Mother loves her children she doesn’t care about the relationship, as long as we are happy that is fine, She just wants to see us happy. But if we are not happy she will be the first person to fight with you for the step we have taken.

Mother gives more priority to our in-laws.

Mother always gives more priority to our mates like husband/wife. Because she already knew our habits and bad habits she knew that how can we get angry and how she will become us happy. She actually needs some time with your husband/life to understand their needs and happiness.

Mother is closer to us than Father.

Our mother is always close to us rather than our father because we spent all our children with her. And we are very used to her. But when it comes to father there are certain limits with him. It takes time for us to bring him to the comfort zone.

Hiding Relationship With Mother

To be truth our best friend is our mother, Hiding Relationship With Mother.

It is very true that if something happens to us the first word we say is OH Mother, as we know she is the one who will take care of us with our demanding anything from us. But as we grow and get involved in the relationship we are the one who starts hiding the facts with her because we feel that we are already grown enough and now everything because she is getting old and her thinking is old. But she has lived more than us, she has seen the world more than us, she is dealing with the relationship (with our dad) more than us. We should always discuss everything with us. What every overcome she gives it will make it happen in sometime in your life.

We have seen many friends in our life that they are very frank with their mother and shares everything with her. This is not she likes her much it is because her mother has taught us and grew up this way. Those friends don’t need any friends in life than the mother. We are nothing without the mother. If we are getting involved in a relationship it does not mean that our love is getting less towards our mother.

Hiding Relationship With Mother

Mother is an active listener.

Active listening is “reflecting back what the other person is saying,” instead of assuming you already know, When we reflect back what our mom or we are saying, we’re telling her that she’s being heard and that you understand. We must listen to the feelings which underlying the message.

if “mom says, ‘you’re acting like a doormat,’ and we hear that as being horribly critical, but what the mom is really saying is, ‘I feel so protective of you because you’re not protecting yourself.’”

Remember that she loves him just as much as you do.

She may even love him more than you. After all, she bore him and endured the pain and challenges of raising him. So, when you feel that his mother is going overboard, know that it’s just her motherly instinct coming forth.

Hiding Relationship With Mother

Establish boundaries.

Set your boundaries so that your life won’t be hell on earth while your boyfriend’s mom tries to get between the two of you. You can do this by setting rules on how to respond to her when she becomes overbearing. Related Post.

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