Epilepsy, I am sure you all were curious to know what epilepsy means. It’s a sort of mental disorder where the person suffering from it experiences mild and temporary seizures. There is sudden electrical activity in brain cells which causes disturbance and person go into a shock and experiences spasms.

It’s a common neurological disorder but there is no or very little cure available for it. You can overcome it, control it but it cannot go away forever. I am going to explain further by a living example and will tell you about the cure and treatment also.


Some firm facts about epilepsy

  • It’s a neurological disorder.
  • The patient will experience seizures.
  • Seizures severity is different in persons.
  • Treatment is just for anti-seizure. No other medication available.
  • Fits without fever.
  • Blackout or memory loss for short time period.
  • Bladder control is lost during it.
  • Stiffness in body
  • Sudden bouts of chewing and blinking.
  • Dizziness, unable to communicate.
  • Repetitive actions.
  • Change of senses such as smell and sound
  • Jerking in body


Cause of epilepsy is mostly unknown; it can be a result of genetics and inheritance also. It can cause a severe trauma to head and there is a high risk of developmental disorders. It appears from age 2 to adults of age 65 and over. Epilepsy affects 1.2 % of the population of US including 470,000 children.


This a story of my friend she got engaged to be married. The couple was very happy, we were also very happy for them. They seem to be on a ninth cloud all the time. Epilepsy They have common goals and dreams and when we met she was always talking about her future with her husband to be.

They want to get married soon and all the preparations were undergoing even I was part of them helping my friend in the selection of dresses and furniture for her new home. Both of them were in their mid-20’s. Her husband to be was a having a post-graduate degree and was working in a reputable company.

They both select their new home where they will live after marriage. The home was nice, not big but it was spacious, a very nice place to start their new journey. They were very excited that they are soon going to start their life as husband and wife. They want to experience everything with each other.


They were happy to be together and to build a home to fulfill their dreams. She was always talking about how she wants to cook this and that, how she wants to take care of him and do household chores. She wanted to adopt a cute puppy. They had a grand wedding and started their life happily.

When she was sixteen she met with a mild seizure. But that was just once and she forgets that as she grows up.  Now one day her husband left for his office and she got out of the bed to get dressed and buy some grocery for the kitchen, she got arrested in a seizure.

She felt dazed like she is going into unconsciousness fading in and out of it. She was conscious enough that she asked ambulance paramedics what is happening to her. They told her she met an accident because of sudden seizure attack she wanted them to call her husband. They did.

She told me when she regains consciousness she was in a complete shock she can’t digest that it happened to her. She wanted a support and her husband was very supportive but at the same time, she thought now what? What’s this mean? Is it going to continue to occur throughout her life? Will she be fine?

They had done her tests and she was diagnosed with epilepsy for the rest of her life. She felt shattered to million pieces. She quietly listened to the doctor about the disease and its treatment causes and symptoms he explains everything in detail. This is going to be her life now, her new life.


Things got worse for her. She could no longer work. They had financial trouble due to it they had to sell their new home. She occasionally slipped into depression but her husband was very supportive. With his help, she pulled herself together. This was very hard not only for her but also for her husband. This has beaten us down pretty badly. We both were struggling to keep up with it.


Epilepsy I was feeling very guilty and sometimes frustrated. And he seemed to be in anger about it. I was concerned about him being the only earner now. He takes care of me and home and also works at the office. There were many things which I couldn’t do now. I hated my life.

He was managing our home and his work life as well as looking after me. I am very thankful to him for his continuous support, love, and generosity. He knows my emotions and understands how I felt.

It was quite hard for both of us me having epilepsy. I heard about breakups due to stress and difficulty but hats off to my husband who proves his vows. He always told me we are in this together he will never think about leaving me. How blessed I am to have him, my husband.

There are times when I start crying and feel alone. I not only cried for myself but for him also. If it’s in his hands he could have healed me. He once said he could easily take this disease just to see me healthy I would never desire this for him. He has helped me a lot he has sacrificed many things just for me.

He did whatever he can to make my life easier.  I wish I could repay him what he deserves. He just wanted to see me well again and I wanted him to be happy. I am extremely grateful to him. He always told me to follow your dreams and desires and this motivates me a lot.


I can proudly say this disease has drawn us closer. I am blessed to have his support on this journey and I could not make it without him for sure. I am still suffering from it but due to his help, I feel alive now and coping with it with positive energy.

The hardest thing in life to stick with the commitment.

Being in a relationship with person suffering from epilepsy is hardest. You don’t know the exact time it will take to cure. It’s the hardest thing in life to be in a commitment with someone you have to take care of for the rest of your life. You have to be always with her.

Main Problems that we face after marriage:

In epilepsy you cannot argue much with her you have to listen to what she says whether she becomes dominative or shout things at you,  forget common things or worse when fits occur. No matter what whether you are sick or worried you will take care of her. She needs you when this happens.

As a husband and a person that she trusts most, you cannot force her to do anything she isn’t willing for. Never, in any case, insist because you don’t want her to fall sick again. It’s going to be hard for you to handle her.

Stop expecting much from her because of her condition she is already on medication. Give her extra love and care because you don’t want her to go into seizures. She should be your first priority. Its tough but you love her and she loves you too.

Make sure she takes her medication on time and regularly. If she misses them she is going to fall into epilepsy. Whenever you go somewhere take her medicines with you. Try to convince her not to travel alone in any case. You or someone responsible enough should be with her all the time.


Life with children and epilepsy wife.

You are aware of her efforts she is putting to take care of the home and your children. She is doing extra work just to help you. When your wife is suffering from epilepsy it doesn’t mean your children will have it too so its safe to plan for kids.

She loves the family and you

She always loves her family by providing her help or trying to do extra chores at home the pretends that she can handle all this alone just to make you feel ease. But she is in need of assistance from you or her family. When she feels taken care of she will become more confident.

When she gets epileptic fits

try to make her happy because she will have a fit whenever she feels upset about something or there is an argument going on between you two. She will get seizures if something happens without her wish. Try to take her out so she feels refreshed and burden on her brain decreases to some extent.



It is not curable :

this a hard fact you need to keep in mind that this is not curable. People are suffering from it for many years. She will have medication, therapy, and regular treatment but still, it’s not curable when will be fine as long as she is taking medicine so keep this in check that she never misses it.

it’s not always easy to be a husband of epileptic wife yet you can do it! Remember your love for her and take it as a challenge.



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